Sunday, October 7, 2012


Home in Port Charlotte
High of 89, 30% chance of afternoon showers

Caught and released 3rd snook of my Florida life this morning at 8AM from my floating dock.
Hi tide was at 7:01.  It was slack for quite a while but at 8 I pitched a skitter walk top water lure perfectly under the mangroves across the canal from me. (Rare)

I let it sit still for about 20 secs and popped it...BAM!

He was only about 18" so, even in season he'd earn a release, but it was still a line sider.
What a great start to a Sunday morning.

I used the floating dock to remove a great deal of pepper trees from the canal shoreline.
I have replanted five small Manngrove trees and am trying to continue to repopulate the canal with mangroves instead of peppers.

I will be visiting Key Largo again Monday night and Tuesday morning for work and hope to bring some more mangrove trees home in pots with me.  My colleagues there have a contract at a high-end waterside resort.  They have to remove mangroves from the marina and they put them in pots and give them to me.

There is a new tropical system in the Atlantic, east, southeast of Florida.  They are calling it Invest 97. There are a few models that have it coming near Homestead/Miami. But it is still several days away from any kind of a definitive track.