Saturday, October 4, 2014


Home in Port Charlotte
High of 91, morning low 78

Can't believe it's October. Our pool has been done for a couple of months now and we enjoy it more everyday. We are still swimming in 84 degree water. There's a first of the season call front blowing into Sotheest Florida tonight and our morning low is forecast for 61. Don't think I will swim tomorrow but we will be opening up the new sliding glass doors to the pool cage and let fall inside!  Things will warm back up again into the 80s and even 90 next weekend.  I've almost finished re-installing the landscaping that was destroyed in the house remodel and pool construction.  One more shrub island to fix up and all I have left to do is grow grass back in.

I fished the canals a few times in September and landed several small snook but no keepers. My daughter gave me a beautiful new fillet knife set for my birthday but I've yet to try it out.  A buddy came to visit and fish the harbor but we struck out.  On the way home we got caught in a violent summer squall that tested the limits of the Classic Mako Flats boat. The waves were solid 3'ers with the occasional rogue 4 thrown into to renew our faith in the Lord.  Thankfully we made it home.  We ran only 45 miles on 35 gallons of fuel but we still ran out of gas 2 miles from home.  In normally light chop seas my range is about 100 miles.

Things with my job are still highly unsettled. Someone new was hired for the job I hold but I'm still there. What they have planned for me, time will tell.  For now, I'm very busy traveling and doing what I do.  It's a very anxious situation but that's all I can share about it for now.

Today is my bride's birthday and she wants to go see a movie. Tomorrow I will do yard work in the nice weather in the morning and then we will go to a local pub to watch our Arizona Cardinals take on the Denver Broncos in the afternoon/evening.  If the Red Birds can prevail, they will be 4-0 on the season and I will celebrate with a victory splash in the new pool; something I previously could only do at my buddy Chuck's house, 3 streets away.   Even in January, we will celebrate wins with a Florida Polar Bear plunge.  I should mention, we didn't opt for the heater with this pool.