Saturday, March 12, 2016


Just finished a marathon of 3 fishing days in a row.  Good news is, I learned to handle the boat in a 3-5 foot following sea. Can be quite challenging. For example, did you know that if you are running faster than the following sea, gaping holes open in front of you and you tend to bury your bow in the trough? And when that trough is a rogue 6' wave, you have a cascade of water come over the top of your head? But after that happens (admittedly twice) you quickly realize to look for said gaping black sea holes a day out THROTTLE down to ride the wave gently, like a surfer. KY born bride says..."lesson bought, better than one told."  Now for the fishing report:

Best trout day ever, in Turtle Bay. Used every single piece of 48 shrimp. Limited out on keepers; landed a personal best 20+" trout that had me praying he didn't get off the 1/0 hook, like so many others. He didn't. I won. Thank you, fishing Gods! Amazing how little those 15"ers look next to the behemoth of a 20" trout. Can't wait for my first Gator Trout (over 22").

Got out and wade fished looking for snook, but non found.  Released over 30 12-14" trout. Stocked up on big lady fish for my next off shore trip with new friend Mike K on his big new 27' boat with twin 200s. Truly marvelous day on Charlotte Harbor, despite the dangerous run home. Thank God, my flats boat is a Classic Mako. Would not have wanted to try that in most other brands, especially under 17' class. Love my 22 year old classic.