Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Below are photos from our trip out west to California and Arizona.

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Gathering of the bosses.
The view out of our conference room at Corporate HQ shows what happens when the big red machine calls all of the captains back to the mother ship. There were over 300 of us who came in for the 60th anniversary and annual meeting. I am grateful to work for a corporation that not only values it's people but one that made the tough but right decisions in order to survive the economic downturn.

Our visit out west included a reunion with some of our dearest friends.
Terry, the Mayor of Rocky Point and Barbara, aka "The Doll" joined us for drinks at Chilis.

Thanks to Facebook, the Chilis tour included a reunion of these former Ryland ROC-ettes.

I couldn't hit SOCAL without visiting my former Dock 1 mate, Captain Jeff Butler.
This is the man who taught me to drive big boats; but more importantly, how to "put it in the hole" (back a 13'6" wide boat into a 15" wide slip).

Captain Jeff and his first mate, Marion.
Marion and I are old night fishin' buddies from Lake Pleasant in Phoenix.

In Murrieta, the guest of honor was my bro-in-law, Brian, who is preparing to ship out with the USN for the final time as he nears the end of his 30 year Naval career. Real American Hero!

My cousin, Chris, who lost 55 pounds by running his ace off.

Daddy and #1 daughter, Kimber

My big brother, Bud, his 13 year old son and future MLB player, Tyler, me and my Dad.
Yeah, that kid is THIRTEEN. He's also a darn nice boy and a great student.

Brother Bud, Birthday girl and sister, Shannon, daughter Kimmy, and wifey Kathy.
Location undisclosed
Weather, a mystery
Tomorrow is my company's annual safety awareness day. In keeping with tradition we will award 5 brand new Ford pickups to 5 lucky drawing winners, who have worked the past year without an accident or injury. One of the privileges of my job as the Regional Safety Manager is that I get the pleasure of secretly delivering the truck to the winner and turning the keys and title over. This process is so closely guarded, I don't dare disclose my location or even what State I am in tonight.
I am finally getting over my flu. I don't know if it's H1N1 (swine kind) or not but I know it's the worst virus I have ever caught. I slept 18-20 hours a day for the first four days. Several family members, with whom I spent time in Arizona came down with it also so it spread like wildfire. I waited until yesterday to even decide if I would participate in the truck giveaway. I am so glad to be feeling better. Thanks to all of the well wishes I received while I was away from the blog.

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