Tuesday, September 15, 2009


On the road, Palm Beach Gardens
85* and dry. Nice night.

I found out today that the Company has cancelled my October meeting so I won't be coming to California or Arizona next month. Kathy and had been looking forward to seeing everyone but it will have to wait until Spring.

We do have lots of upcoming plans here so the time being given back to us will help. Kathy's niece is getting married in October, which is a 3 day trip to DeBary (between Orlando and Daytona). I have do a week in DC in October. Our boat mates from Phoenix, Nolan and Nancy, and my daughters from AZ each come in November seperate weeks.

In May my youngest boy, Billy graduates 8th grade on the same week my daughter Stephanie graduates high school. That's a trip we won't miss for sure.

I just got done talking to Billy, telling him I won't be there to see his Pop Warner game in October. He was understanding but man, I hated having to disappoint him. His brother, my oldest, Ryan, goes to his games and hangs out with Billy on a regular basis. They are good brothers and becoming good friends. I am grateful for Ryan being a good influence. In these tough financial times I'm sure many parents are working far from their children. Everyone should be so lucky to have someone looking out for their kids.

As I wrote here a few weeks ago, Ryan now works for my company. I got a very nice email from the office manager in Phoenix complimenting what a great employee he is and what a fine young man he is. I knew that but it's nice to know others feel the same.

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