Sunday, July 25, 2010


Home in Port Charlotte
High of 92*

Tropical Storm Bonnie turned out to be a little drizzler.  We were forecast to get 2" of rain and we received 8/10ths of an inch.  We actually get more than that on a normal summer rain day.  Oh well, the important thing is that she caused no damage to life, limb or property.

Friday was spent catching up on all of my reports for the week.  I do enjoy starting a Monday completely caught up.  Saturday I spent 6 hours in the heat and humidity trimming palm trees on our lot.  We have 27 of them and this season I am just doing a few at a time and running the debris to the dump myself, instead of allowing it to accumulate in the front yard while waiting for Waste Management to come pick it up.  Saturday I made 3 runs to the dump, which is really just a waste transfer station that is two miles from home; very convenient.

Sunday I planned on doing some boat projects but I was so beat from the yard work, I just relaxed in the house all day long.  With a short week ahead, they'll be time for projects later.

There are currently no tropical waves in the Atlantic.  The next named storm will be Colin.

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