Monday, November 22, 2010


Hampton Inn, Key Largo

It's the week of Thanksgiving and I find myself thankful to be living in paradise.  My 23 year old daughter came to visit us for the 3rd November in a row, from Arizona.  This is becoming quite the tradition for her.  Work brings me to Homestead so my bride and daughter joined me for the drive down.  They will relax in the hotel and on the beach while I go work.  That's also becoming somewhat of a tradition.

After work Wednesday we will venture down for a Key West Thanksgiving.  The weather is perfect, with lows in the 60s and highs in the low 80s.

We put the boat up for sale last week and have already had two lookers.  No offers yet but we're optimistic.  The boat is all cleaned up; looking and running good.  In case you didn't catch it, we're going to downsize to a smaller boat that can fit under the bridge at anytime.

We have my oldest son booked to visit for a weekend in January and some friends coming in February.  We do enjoy having visitors.  I plan on working in Florida for the whole month of December and I won't miss the airports at all.

Hurricane season ends November 30.  For the second year in a row we didn't have to put up the shutters even once.  Once again, I am thankful.

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