Saturday, January 8, 2011

Daily Notes

Home in Port Charlotte
73*, winds 15-20 mph

At the request of a few readers, I've decided to update the blog a little more often, even if I don't have a full blown story or adventure to share.  Instead of giving a unique headline or chapter title, I will just start calling such entries "Daily Notes."

Saturday 1/8/11
Kathy's son Sean, 23, is arriving here tomorrow.  I plan on taking him on the boat, weather permitting.  We're receiving some brisk winds that are producing 3-4 foot seas and a moderate chop in the Harbor.  As long as it doesn't get worse than that, we'll still launch.  The forecast is for 4-5 footers and choppy seas.  That might limit us to cruising the intercoastal waterway.

I put 40 gallons of fuel on board today, at a cost of $3.40 a gallon from a street station.  That's a dollar a gallon savings over the nearest "on the water" marina gas station.  There's only 1 station in the whole county that sells non-ethanon based marine fuel but it's only 10 minutes from us.  On the way home I drove past Charlotte Harbor to look at the wave height.  It's not bad.  A few white caps rolling in but nothing we can't handle.

In between adding fuel I cast a lure out and hooked into a couple lady fish.  I should keep some for bait with Sean.  Maybe I'll cast the castnet and try to get some live pinfish in the baitwell before we go.

Warmed up the engine and charged the batteries for 10 minutes.  All looks good so long as the winds stay reasonable.  Tonight I plan on watching the NFL playoffs.  Tomorrow my oldest son, Ryan, turns 26.


Anonymous said...

For reference where is the station located that has non-ethanol based marine fuel? We have made an offer on a short sale in Port Charlotte, making notes on the area so will not
be totally in the dark when we finally get there.


Bill and Kathy said...

The Marathon station on US41 and Port Charlotte Blvd is the station carrying the none-eth fuel.