Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DIY: Outboard lower unit service

Home in PC
High of 81

Sunday we pulled the boat out of the water and trailered it home for annual service.
I changed the spark plugs, upper and lower zincs, drained the gear oil, and pulled the prop.
Only thing left was to pull the lower unit off the outboard and change the water pump.
I bought a kit from the local Yamaha dealer for $58.

After work today I went out to resume the job.  Removed lower unit of outboard, went just like a tutorial video from you tube said it would.  Had trouble removing the anti-knock washers so I took the whole lower unit to the Yamaha dealer and asked a tech what to do.  He said they break them off and replace them with each service.  I bought new ones for $14 and took it all home.  I got the impeller off and saw some wear cracks inside.  Good time to replace.

My model of outboard has a "half moon key" that holds the water pump plate down on the drive shaft.  This key is a  pain in the butt to remove.  Tech said to use a punch and hammer to pop it out.  Nope.  Online boat forums say these keys stick bad for everyone...suggested using a torch to heat the metal, then rust bust spray. Nope.  It got dark and I had to quit for the night.  After this piece it should be smooth to the finish.

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