Sunday, December 28, 2014


Launched from Placida Park ramp at 830 AM just as a heavy fog was lifting. Worked the east side of the Gasparilla Sound in 5-6 feet, catching a dozen undersized sea trout and one barely legal keeper that was fat enough to at least keep in the live well to see if he could be beat.  He couldn't.  Was rigged with a DOA deadly combo and live medium sized shrimp. 

Trolled south along the 5' to 1' drop line, trolling the Storm Twitch Stick at 4 knots, 100' behind the boat.  I'm not sure but the screaming drag may have awakened me as I was drifting off to sleep.   Landed a really healthy, 22' Ladyfish.   Redfish bait!

I headed straight for Bull Bay, coming in from the north side, or backside, via Sandfly Key.  It always thrills me to run 20-25 knots in 1-2 feet of water at low tide.  It scares me too but once I make it across the flat, I break into a big grin.  If it sounds like I'm bragging...I'm not. In fair disclosure, I ran soft aground trying take the same route home.  I really thought I was tracking my bread crumbs closely but obviously not.  No harm, no foul. 

Worked the cut bait and the shrimp in 2-3' on the rising tide in Bull Bay but to no avail.  I saw some movement that looked promising but had no hookups. 

The best part of this day, besides the weather and the fact that I was fishing...occurred when I was working the trout.  I looked in the distance and notice another boat, with 3 anglers silhouetted against the sky, with shimmering water in the foreground.  Photo opp.  I laid down across my bow to get the shot right.  As they drifted by I called out an offer to text it to them and they accepted.  I'd love for someone to take a shot like this of me on my boat. 

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