Sunday, March 29, 2015


Default Boat Trailer refurbish

I had my 20 year old Galvanized trailer refurbished by Discount Trailer, on Poulson Drive, across from Murdock Stone. I had shopped the local classifieds for a used replacement and almost bought a good looking Shoreland'r trailer for $700 before my research revealed it was built for fresh water use only. Whew...near miss. 

New 17' aluminum trailers go for about $1,500-1,700 around here. Instead I took mine up to see Ralph at Discount trailer. He gave me an estimate of $500 to do what I needed. In the end, he gave me a choice on a couple of more recommended items and it got out pretty close to that. Here's what I got, using stainless hardware and aluminum replacement parts:
4 slide u-bolts on rear frame
2 heavy duty leaf springs
Perm spray on Waterproof grease on springs
4 med shackles
8 bunk brackets
2 safety chains/hooks
New Winch strap & safety hook
8 bunk brackets and u-bolts
3 tongue u-bolts
Axle service with rebuilt hubs
New lug nuts for existing wheels
Aluminum guide-on posts
PVC post covers with tube light kit
Electric wiring harness and new 4 way plug
Repair coupler unit
Labor to install all 
He got the trailer from me late Thursday night and I picked it up Saturday night. (He offered to let me come back and get it on Sunday, if I didn't want to wait). A service guy who works Sunday?! I was there watching him finish the last 2 hours of labor. Great work ethic and fast service, in my opinion. To stay close to his original estimate, I noticed he only charged me 2 hours labor for the entire job. 

Grand total $612.95  

I highly recommend this guy. I was surprised he had me leave the boat on but he said it was so he could ensure the boat sat perfect after the refurb. Made sense then. I am so glad I didn't buy a used trailer, especially with no knowledge as to what condition the hubs were in, or the inside of the painted steel frame, with a few specks of rust showing on the outside. He builds new ones too. He does annual wheel service on your hubs for $65-95, depending on your condition. Give him a shot at your business.  941-623-8576.

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