Sunday, December 27, 2015


Fished Saturday with Mark Maxwell. He wasn't a very good guest...he caught all the fish, hahaha. 
Actually on my very first cast of the day I landed a nice sized Ladyfish and thought it would be a great day of catching. It was, just not for me!  Mark caught 3 Speckled Trout in the slot, on the grass flats of the West Wall.  The tides were extremely low, as forecast. We beached the boat on a sandbar and really enjoyed doing some wade fishing in the 72* water. Mark even landed on of his keepers about 100 yards away from the boat and still managed to get it in the cooler.  He also landed a nice blue crab on hook and line. 

About noon we headed up one of our favorite creeks in search of Reds. Since we had the perfect baits shrimp, cut Ladyfish and quartered crab...we had to get Reds, right?  Wrong.  We saw a few short ones but couldn't get them to bite.  I had a real nice snook fight, with one acrobatic leap, then he realized I was under armed with 20 pound line and leader and he took me into the mangroves and broke it off.  

About 3 we went back outside on the high tide and crossed the West Wall Sandbar, drifting in 4-5 feet.  We each had shots at a few more trout and Lady's but only landed the one more Lady for Mark.  He missed his chance at a 4th keeper trout when a frayed leader failed above the popping cork.  Should have re-rigged after that battle with the mangrove tree, eh buddy?

I hooked something huge that swallowed a hunk of Ladyfish free lined behind the boat. Not sure what it was...saw silver flash in the water before the breakoff...also saw a huge opened mouth making me think it was my first shot at a gator trout but I can't say for sure. When it saw the boat, it turned tail and broke me off. My remaining leader was left noticeably frayed.  Whatever it was, it ate a big chunk of meat.  Didn't feel or look like a shark at all.  Might have been a huge spanish mackerel?  Not thinking sail cat because of the frayed leader. Of well...mysteries of the flats. 

Winds picked up at 4 and made for a choppy ride back to the ramp at Charlotte Beach Complex.  I was in bed by 7:45 and slept til 4 AM.  Another great day out there.  Mark shot this awesome photo of my Mako beached on the sandbar.

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