Sunday, December 30, 2007

My professional history

After a 20 year career in law enforcement, I needed something else to do. I was highly qualified for retail security, private investigations, contract prisoner transports, or airport security. So naturally, I chose landscaping. I convinced the interviewers that I had enough supervisory and management skills to run their crews and manage their customers. Surely they could teach me grass, trees, plants and flowers. They bought it. I became a landscape maintenance Account Manager. After spending the first year with a tri-state landscape maintenance company, I was pursuaded to join my brother, Mike, at the nations largest commercial landscape company. When he recruited me, he said I would have charge of prestigious accounts like the NFL stadium, NHL arena and connecting entertainment district, a hospital campus and "3 or 4 more properties." When I started it was more like prestige plus 33 or 34 MORE PROPERTIES! On top of that duty I was tasked with fulfilling the duty of branch safety officer. As the BSO I would present a weekly safety briefing to the 70 or so laborers and managers, promote the company's safety policys. In a short periord of time I found more comfort and satisfaction in the safety role, than that of the "landscaper." It was very tiresome wearing both of these hats but untimately, that sacrifice paid off. I was soon to go from public safety to private safety.

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