Saturday, April 4, 2009


Home in Port Charlotte
69*, going to a high of 85

Tomorrow I have to fly out to DC for a full week, coming back on Saturday the 11th. To offset that trip, my honey suggested we launch the boat today for some fun and relaxation on the water. We will launch between 1030 and 1100, as we wait for the overnight low tide to give way to enough water to get the boat off the lift. We plan on going to Fishermen's Village, in Punta Gorda, pumping out the potty and maybe walk the mall. After that we will venture east, up the Peace River, where we've never yet explored. They say the Peace River is home to many exotic birds and alligators sun themselves on the banks. Approximately 8 miles up from Charlotte Harbor is a restaurant and marina called the Nav-A-Gator. Here we will enjoy lunch and then make the return trip home, slow and easy watching for bottle nose dolphin. We should be able to clear the short bridge at precisely 4:45PM. Check back tonight or tomorrow for pictures of our day.

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