Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Evening in Boston, MA
High of 80

Day three of this road trip started in West Paterson, NJ with a morning low of 51. I was glad to have brought a jacket.

I had planned on waking at 4AM but was startled awake at 3AM by what I am calling a "night terror.". Unlike a bad dream, these occurences seem to happen in a milisecond. When it happens, I am startled by the sound of an explosion and an instant feeling that I just died in it. Then, I'm suddenly awake with a racing pulse. I'm not sure but I think I scream out loud. This has been happening on occassion for a few months now. I'm sure it's related to either stress or exhaustion or both. I experienced this a few years ago, living in Arizona. As my memory recalls it was during stressful work times as well. Work is fine but the travel is getting tougher by the month.

On a lighter note, my drive from NJ, through NY, brought me for the first time ever to Connecticut. Someday it would be fun to have a map with push pins representing all of the places I've visited. In the US, I've yet to see Maine, Vermont, NH, Rhode Island, Montana and North Dakota, I think. Without a map in front of me it's hard to account for all of them.

At home I have a nice map of the Caribbean Islands. Now there's a map I like to fill with pins.

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