Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Last weekend I pulled over 100 burmuda turf plugs and replanted them in struggling areas of the lawn.

The white sand marks show where I pulled the healthy plugs.  The cones mark the path of my internet and phone line locations.

Washington DC
Morning low of 48, daytime high of 81

Last weekend I gained a lot of ground in my efforts to have one variety of healthy turfgrass in my lawn at home.  I pulled over 100 burmuda plugs from healthy, weedless, areas of the front lawn and replanted them 12" apart in areas where I had killed off undesirable signalgrass, crabgrass and dallasgrass.

I learned this technique from one of the golf course superintendants I work with.  South Florida soils are full of broadleaf weed seeds and unhealthy weed grasses.  It is a great deal of work and maintenance to gain a nice green lawn of one grass type.  Burmuda is one grass that is tolerant to chemicals that will kill off the other southern grasses and weeds.

I'm working the first half of a two week swing in the DC Metro area.  I will return home late Thursday night and fly back up here on Monday.

There is some new activity in the Atlantic storm basin.  Tropical Storm Lisa has formed in the far east Atlantic and is not believed to be a threat to the US mainland.  Another system, already in the Caribbean Sea, has a high likelyhood of formation into the next named storm, Matthew.  That storm has potential to enter the Gulf.  Below are the current storm positions.  The remnants of Igor are seen at the top of the photo.  The potential "Matthew" is depicted in an orange circle.

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