Monday, October 11, 2010


Home in Port Charlotte, supposed to be on the road
Nice weather, lows in the low 60s, highs in the mid 80s
regular summer rains have ended

Once again I seem to have disappeared from the blogosphere.  I'm here, I've just been so extremely busy with work and travel.  Nothing fun to report on the blog, so I've stayed away.  I'll try not to make a habit of this.  Here's the latest in a nutshell:

Boat - still broken.  Spent $500 to have a mobile marine mechanic change out the dead starter, which it needed but he still couldn't get it running.  Enlisted the telephone aid of the local Volvo Penta marine dealer, who was helpful but only continued to have me troubleshoot items which gave more questions than answers.  Almost started a fire onboard by using aligator clips and electrical wires, which I learned must be released from the battery before the test target.  Finally decided the boat needed to go to the dealer, so I had it towed three hours to the dealer.  Again, thank goodness for the $149 yearly Sea Tow policy.  $900 tow, no charge to me.

Family - Wife is good.  Kids are good.  18 year old daughter returned to AZ from a 3 month try trial at life in North Carolina.  Hopefully she learned a lesson and will start college in January.

Hurricane update - we have been through many named storms but none has seriously impacted the US.  We now have TS Paula in the Western Caribbean.  It is forecast to bounce around like a pinball, before possibly entering the Gulf.  After that, destination still unknown.  Stay tuned.

Arizona Cardinals - 3 wins, 2 losses.  Currently starting an undrafted rookie QB from Mesa, AZ.  My expectations are realistically low but we enjoyed a stunning upset of the defending world champs last Sunday.

Travel plans - Atlantic Coast of FL this week.  Corporate California next week.  Puerto Rico to end the month.

Current workout plans - back to running/walking a few days a week.  Weight is back up where it doesn't belong.  I can still run 2 miles without walking so I just have to DO IT.

Waking up at 330AM Eastern to drive to Homestead and teach a forklift class.

Thanks to those who keep checking in here on a daily basis.  I'll try to keep blogging.

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