Friday, February 10, 2012


Home in Port Charlotte
High of 82, cold front coming tonight

I spent the work week in Virginia and arrived home today at 2:30PM.  At 3:30 I made the quick decision to launch the boat for a couple of hours.  I trailered it over to the Charlotte Beach Complex and was fishing by 4:00.  There's a front moving through tonight that will bring us some weekend rain and cooler temps but tonight it was gorgeous out there.  Warm temps and a cool breeze of about 10 knots.  I pinned down among the mangroves but didn't have any luck there.  I pulled the anchor pin and just drifted with the incoming tide.  I deployed the trolling motor and used that to counter the breeze and tide.

In 2 hours I caught and landed a small trout, flounder, catfish and a ladyfish.  Nice little variety for a spontaneous trip.  I enjoyed a few cold beverages out there and the sunset was my dessert.  Here's a few pictures from my private happy hour.  Click on pictures for full screen.

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