Tuesday, February 28, 2012


San Juan, Puerto Rico
low 73, high 82; brief passing showers

Sunday I went for a late day, spontaneous fishing trip with Subaru Jim and Jerry, neighbors of mine.
We went ahead and bought 100 live shrimp for $25 but didn't end up using many.
We only stayed out for 3 hours but it was pretty productive.  I landed several speckled sea trout, one of which was 17" and a keeper size (photo below).   All of my trout were landed using a hard plastic, artificial lure, called a Badonkadonk.  After my keeper, Jerry was sold and decided to rig up a hard lure too.  Jim made the comment, "100 live shrimp aboard and all these fish want is plastic."

Jerry tossed a Yozuri suspending lure, about 5" long, and cranked it back to the boat at a medium pace.  After several casts his rod bent over in a classic big fish hook-up.  I was fishing 10lb line but Jerry had 30lb out.  This had to be something worthwhile.  He thought shark but I didn't think so in these waters we were in. Subaru Jim thought Snook but wasn't sure.  When it came close enough to the boat to flash it's grey and white lateral strip from head to tail, I shouted out, "Cobia!"

It was a big one.  It took all three of us to get him aboard.  Jim maintained the helm to keep the boat away from grounding; I manned the dip net and Jerry angled the prize.  After about 5 minutes of battle, the Cobia was netted.  When I lifted his big body out of the water the net handle broke under his weight.  We would later weigh him in at 16 pounds.  I hoped he wouldn't eat my trout in the live well, but they lived peacefully together in there for another 30 minutes while we fished.

Jerry and I were a little hard on Jim, who came out on the short end of this trip.  He is usually the best angler between us but today he was shut out; save for a few catfish that are junk in our waters.

We returned to Jerry's, where he expertly filleted all the fish while Jim and I cleaned Jerry's boat.  We continued to razz Jimmy and he took it all in stride, flashing that gorgeous gappy smile of his.  He's such a good guy...we just love him.

The next day I headed to Miami and Puerto Rico.  Jerry stayed home to work his home-based business.  Subaru Jim went fishing, as usual.  He called me in PR to say that he got the last laugh.  He trumped Jerry's 16lb Cobia with one that weighed in at 64 pounds!  See the photo below.

Subaru Jim with the catch of the winter season!

Your author with his first ever keeper size Speckled Sea Trout.  Look at those fangs!

Jim holds Jerry's Cobia while I try to avoid "fish envy" with my trout.

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