Friday, May 25, 2012


Home in Port Charlotte
Severe thunderstorm, 1.5" of rain so far tonight

Invest 94 now has a 100% chance of becoming a tropical cyclone in the next 48 hours.
A well defined center of formation has been detected.  The storm is bringing heavy downpours from Cuba to the Bahamas.  The center of the storm is currently 300 miles off shore from Charleston, SC but is expected to track toward Jacksonville, FL.  The next name on the list is Beryl.

The rain we are getting tonight at home is not associated with Invest 94; just a severe storm that formed over us and hung around all night.  Last night, North Port (town next to PC) had a small tornado touchdown.  There was minimal damage and no injuries.  Our rain chances every night for the next few nights is 40%.

I mowed tonight right before the rain came.  The grass is coming in very nicely.  All of this rain is saving us water money.

I'm getting up at 4AM Saturday and going fishing with Al.  He's a guy I met through Subaru Jim and Al lives here full time.  We've been out together with Jim and I've been to a party at Al's house.

Here's the latest satellite and tracking predictions for Invest 94.  Click for full screen.

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