Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Hampton Inn, Wellington, FL
High of 80, passing showers

It's been over 50 days since I caught a fish.  I've spent every weekend working on my irrigation installation at home but the end is in site.  All 9 valves, 38 sprinklers, 12 shrub jets and controller clock are installed and working.  All I have left to do is install the weather station, which will automatically determine the water run times/days based on daily on-site weather readings of temperature, humidity, rain, wind and evapotranspiration.
I still have a repair to do on the dock waterline, which was broken during trencher use in the first week, and I have to bury all open trenches in the front.  The back and sides are mostly done.

I feel like I have missed out on a lot of fishing this spring with Subaru Jim.  He and Jerry and Al have been going out several times a week over the last two months.  Soon, Jim and Jerry will head back north to PA for the summer.  I can only look forward to their return next winter and be thankful that Al lives in SWFL all year long.  Hopefully he and I can spend time fishing this summer.  My lifelong friend Mike Taylor plans on visiting again in July, from Phoenix, for a week of fishing.

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