Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Home in Port Charlotte
Low 63, high going up to 80

Merry Christmas from Southwest Florida.  We had a cold front pass through here over the weekend, with 34° in the morning on Sunday.  That's the lowest it's been here since last January.  But it warmed up to the mid 60s and I went fishing with my next-door neighbor Rolando and his wife Kathy.  We were shut out for the most part but Rolando landed a small stingray in the Harbor and a nice snook by trolling the canal home.  I never had a single bite all day.  We did enjoy the company of a pod of 6 Dolphin.

I tried again the next day, by myself, but once again was skunked.  I'm pretty sure that's the first time I've failed to catch anything on back-to-back outings.  The best part of the day was the company of two Manatee who joined me near Matlacha Pass.  The weather was beautiful in the afternoons and I enjoyed a couple of days of boating and some nice music on the water.

We are dog sitting for a friend of ours over Christmas.  Our guest is a little Shitzu named Derek Jeter.  Our friend is a big New York Yankees fan.  We are just a fan of this little dog.  He has a very sweet disposition and he loves to sit on the couch arm and look out the window.  He is also quite the little cuddler.  He lost his daddy earlier this year, our friends husband, and it is apparent to me that he is a daddy's boy.  Before this visit I have only been around him a couple of times but he has taken to me in such a way that it warms my heart to know I'm giving him comfort.

I have been neglecting the blog again lately. Mostly due to technical difficulty while learning to use the iPad on the blogger site but now there is a Blogger App! I think I have it figured out now. I forgot to point out my fifth year anniversary of Messing About in South Florida, which was December 3. The time goes faster with each passing year.

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