Monday, February 4, 2013


On the road
Hampton Inn, Ft Pierce, FL

Last weekend I doubled my lifetime total of snook catching.
The Snook is one of Florida's most prized gamefish. Since the 100 year freeze of 2010, the snook have been considered endangered and were removed from the Florida wildlife commission harvest list. Even when they are in season they are governed by a slot limit. This means you can only keep one fish per day and they must be between the slot of 28 to 32 inches. Anything smaller and anything larger must be returned to the water.

Saturday morning Subaru Jim and I braved the 40° morning cold front and ventured out in search of the snook. It only took two casts for Jim to be hooked up. Between sunrise and 8 AM Jim caught three and I caught two, followed by a third around 9AM. Each one of them would have been a keeper but we did the right thing and released them alive and well, after quick photos.

By 11 AM we were back at my house for a nice breakfast, courtesy of my wife.
She really appreciated our excitement level at the day's adventure. She agreed to let me go back out on Sunday morning and do it again as long as we promise to be home by noon.

Sunday morning Jim and I were joined by Al and the three of us went back to the same spot on the Myakka River. It's not often that I can out fish these two experts but on this day, that's exactly what I did. I landed two more nice snook and the boys were shut out. Our friend Jerry had brought his boat out with two guests visiting from New Jersey. Jerry's friend caught one snuck and a nice speckled trout. Jim, Al, and I decided to head for the ramp at about 9:30 AM but Jerry stayed behind.

Back at Jim's we received a call from Jerry, saying his boat was dead in the water. He needed someone to come and tow him in. Jim and I prepared to head back out but we heard a loud noise coming from one of his boat trailer tires. Loose lug nuts were accompanied by a loose lug bolts; this trailer wasn't going anywhere.

We got in my truck, went to my house and hooked up my boat and headed for the ramp. I told Jerry in while Jim waited behind with my truck. As I approach the ramp, Jim backed my trailer in and I told Jerry's boat right up to the ramp as I loaded upon my trailer. Moments later, using a rope we pulled Jerry's boat onto his trailer and everyone was underway. I arrived home at 11:58 keeping my promise to Kathy.

I almost forgot, we also completed a boat project this weekend. I had been having problems with my trailer lights so Jim help me install a new wiring harness and new LED taillamps.

I am on the road this week in Fort Pierce, Palm beach, and Wellington Florida. I will make it home late Thursday night and the fishing conditions next Saturday look great.

Here's a few photos of the snook we landed.

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