Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Weekend

Home in Port Charlotte
Morning low 65, high 91

It's been nearly two months since I blogged.  My Dad says if I don't post soon, he's going to cancel his subscription and request a refund.  

Since my last post, neighbor Fred has been living on his boat in the Keys for the whole month of May; Subaru Jim and neighbor Jerry each went north to PA for the summer; my wife and I vacationed in AZ; I worked in PR, CA, PA, IL, NJ, and of course FL.

I've been spending the majority of my time exercising and eating right.  In 12 weeks I've lost 39 pounds and 5 inches off my waistline.  

Yesterday I went fishing in the Myakka Cutoff, a sort of short cut between two rivers; the Myakka and the Peace.   I found a very secluded spot that produced two Redfish, a 26" and a 23", as well as 5 sailcats, which are not desirable to me.   I'm going to try that same spot again today.  Right after I walk 10.2 miles.

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