Sunday, June 2, 2013


Home in Port Charlotte
High of 90

Happy hurricane season!  We now have a tropical system being investigated in the Gulf.  Officially, Invest 91 has a low (20%) chance of tropical cyclone formation in the next 48 hours.  That being said, West Central Florida is anticipating significant rainfall out of this system. Some regions may see as much as 5-10" over the next 5 days.  Most will see in excess of 2".  There shouldn't be anything dangerous in this system but its a good reminder to ask yourself what you may need later in the season.  When we bought our generator, it was the early track of what became Hurricane Irene, that made us pull the trigger.  The storm ended up missing FL but I've never regretted the purchase.  The way I looked at it, by the time the storm set its definite sights on our area...the 2 or 3 generators in stock at Sams would sell out quickly.  We dropped the $1000 hoping we'd never use it.  So far so good, but I've got hundreds of dollars of frozen fish to protect, so what the heck.  We also had an electrician wire a direct plug to our breaker panel, so we don't have to use extension cords.  We bought a small stand alone a/c unit too, so we plan to sleep comfy at night.

We don't want any hurricanes but we'll be ready if the power goes out for an extended period.

First spaghetti models for Invest 91 are below.  Click on the image for full screen.

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