Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kathy & Kids in the Keys

This picture was taken at the Key Largo Resort at Manatee Bay by me, last April.
We will post many pics from our upcoming weekend.

Kathy, Stephanie and Billy travelled across the penisula, over Alligator Alley, to Key Largo and joined me at resort where I have been spending the week while working in Homestead. Their trip was safe although they did witness a rear end collision right next to them on the Turnpike. After getting settled at the hotel, we walked the beach and spotted a very large stone crab in the ater. Pictures will be posted soon.

Tomorrow we plan on visiting John Pennecamp State Park, with a beach, marine mammal exibit, snorkeling, etc. Saturday we will all venture, together for the first time in any of our lives, to Key West. It is about 100 miles further down the Overseas Highway from Key Largo. There will be much to see along the way. I am looking forward to watching the sunset there.

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