Sunday, June 1, 2008

Still Cardinals Fans

For the past few weeks the little guy has been visiting our birdbath, reminding us that even though we are thousands of miles away we remain Cardinals fans. This was shot through the lanai screen but if you click on it and he looks good in full screen mode.

The above picture of our yard was taken on May 1st. Below, June 1st.

The above was taken today on June 1st. It's coming right along.

Above, May 1st, below June 1st.

Above, June 1st.

The South Florida rainy season began last night with a mild rainshower. We hoped this system would turn into something today and save us some water on the plants but no such luck prevailed.

The 2008 Hurricane season began June 1. The first named storm arrived a day early, as Tropical Storm Arthur formed in the Caribbean Ocean, near the Mexican Yucatan peninsula and near Belize. 24 hours later he made landfall with lots of rain but nothing else.

Up next, somewhere someday soon, we await the formation of what will be Bertha.

Regular readers of our blog know that my brother Mike has a boat slipped at Shelter Island Marina, in San Diego, CA. Well he has decided to start his own blog to document his adventures on the Pacific Ocean. You can find his blog at

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