Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hunt for Mahi Mahi

The elusive dolphin fish, also known as mahi mahi, also known as dorado. A coworker and I went out on his boat after CPR class. We were on the Atlantic, 13 miles out from Boyton Beach inlet. Fished about 3 hours before finding a 5 gallon gas can floating with lots of large bait fish hiding beneath it. We both hooked up at the exact same time, he on the cow, me on the bull. After a 15 minute fight, he got his to the boat and I had to help him hold his rod while he gaffed the big girl. (weighed 29lbs 3 hours later). After we landed the cow, I got the bull to within 10 feet of the boat and he friggin broke loose. Very disappointing but nonetheless a very cool experience. The dolphin is number one on my list and I will have to wait to officially cross this off my bucket list. The picture is actually the other guy's fish. We figure that cow that got away from me was 35lbs.
I cannot describe in words the feeling of fighting such a large fish. When he got close enough to the boat, he was actually making eye contact with me. WOW! I can't wait to get back out and try to actually boat one of these freaks of nature.

Above: my friend's (Mike) house on the Boyton Inlet, Atlantic Ocean, FL.

Above: Mike's backyard, complete with pool and hot tub.

Above: Mike's dock, slip and lift. Right there at the house, as it should be.

Above: I take my turn at the helm in his 22' CC.

Above: Mike's 29lb Dolphin. His personal best is 33lbs.

Above: The good shippin' crew celebrate the harvest.

Above: It's not over 'till the cleanup is done.

Above: No, that's not cow hide leather. Those are Dolphin fillets.
It ended up with about 12 pounds of fish steak.

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Bonnie N Ethan said...

OMFG. That is freakin' huge! I can't imagine what the bull must have looked like. Let us know how it tastes. We ♥ U!