Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hammer Time

Home in Port Charlotte
High of 90; rain returning Sunday

I spent the day with my neightbor, Rolando, fishing Charlotte Harbor, Boca Grande Pass and the Gulf of Mexico. The most interesting catch of the day is featured in these photographs. Yeah, that's a Hammerhead Shark! It was my first and it was pretty cool. Those eyes being placed on the flat front part of the head is just too weird. Our friend Doni will be happy to hear that the little fella was released alive. After that shark, we caught several other variety of salt water fish but none over 12". We caught red snapper and grouper and saw more dolphins playing than you'd find at Sea World. I put the best dolphin picture on here. Now don't confuse these flippers with mahi . . .these were the dolphins you all know.

The weather on the water was gorgeous. We launched at 9 AM and got home at 8 PM. It was log day but that's what happens when you have to play the tides and the bridges. The boat ran great. We ran 73 miles on the day. Ending hour meter: 345.
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Anonymous said...

nice hammerhead shark you rock uncle bill