Sunday, March 15, 2009


Sunday I completed my first 12K, which also equalled my longest run distance yet at 7.46. miles. I triumphed by not walking except for a few steps at the water stations. I fell short of my goal of beating a 12 minute per mile pace, coming in at 12:20 overall, 1 hour, 31 minutes, 14 seconds. One thing I had to do different, which may have contributed to slowing me was that I carried a fanny pack on my waist, by neccesity. This race was linear in nature; almost a straight line from start to finish. You had to park at the start line, run the 7.46 across the peninsula and then take a shuttle bus when you were ready to go back to your car. My running shorts don't have pockets so I fanny packed my truck keys, a gel pack, a power bar and my blackberry so I could find my wife, who was waiting at the finish line. I won't say that it really got in my way, but I'm sure those couple of extra pounds on my waist didn't help. Overall I felt good running but had hoped to sprint the last .46. I went for it but the sprint only lasted about .20 until I slowed back down in an effort to finish without a walk.

The course had some slight inclines and downhills (very slight). The starting weather was 70 degrees and 97 percent humidilty. The weather was not a factor in my mind. The post race party left a bit to be desired in the food category, but there was a good band and the sights of the Bay (Tampa Bay) were beautiful. We made the hour drive home, hit the hot tub and then napped for 2 hours. This one definately took the life out of me. My next scheduled event is the Mercedes Benz Miami Corporate Run (5K) on April 30, running for my company team. Kathy will join the team as a walker. I now need to find a 15K to continue my quest for endurance, building toward the Miami Marathon in January of 2010.

Monday Stephanie, Kathy and I will all head for Islamorada and the Florida Keys. I'll work during the day and the girls will lounge on the Atlantic beach, in the Florida sun. Each evening we will get together for a nice dinner.

NOTE: Sunday night, for the first time we saw the launch of the Space Shuttle, with our naked eyes. It was pretty cool, with perfectly clear skies right at dusk.

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