Thursday, October 22, 2009


Home in Port Charlotte
Low of 70, high of 88
I made it home a couple of days early. One branch cancelled their work force on Friday and another had their jobs so close together, I was able to see everyone by lunch time. I zipped across town and spent the afternoon touring jobs from yet another branch and watched them close out their equipment as opposed to watching them dispatch in the morning. The bottom line is I completed four branches in three work days and got home Thursday afternoon.
Above are some of the brilliant fall colors showing throughout Virginia/Maryland. The marina is on the Occoquan River, which is reached via the Chesapeake Bay. I was forced to arrive by car, unfortunately. The restuarant is Madigan's Waterfront, my second visit there. (The new title page photo was taken by Kathy in Key Largo last month).
On Tuesday night I had dinner at a bar/restaurant called Sully's. It's a great place, within walking distance of my hotel. While there I met a guy named Kevin Scully, from Boston. His parents came over from Ireland in 1962. It's not often I meet another Scully, especially spelled the same way. We shared a couple of Guinness brews and toasted our roots. I was so inspired I looked up the distance from Miami to Dublin, by boat. 4,152 miles. It would take about 30 days at sea, doing 5-6 knots in a sailboat. We'd have to have a lot of Irish beer aboard for that trip, lads.

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