Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Home in Port Charlotte
High of 86, low of 68

I'm working locally Monday and Tuesday with a short week. Our vacation starts on Wednesday when our good friends, Nolan and Nancy, visit Florida for their first time. We met them as neighbors on dock 1 at Pleasant Harbor Marina, on Lake Pleasant, AZ.

We will pick them up in Tampa on Wednesday afternoon and make the 90 minute drive to PC.
We're planning dinner on the Harbor at Benedettos in Punta Gorda for Wednesday night.
Thursday we will depart for Key Largo. Our favorite bar musician, Jimmy Ray, is playing Thursday night at Snooks Bayside. Friday we will head for Key West and do the whole tourist thing on Duvall Street. Friday night will feature sunset from Mallory Square, near mile marker zero on US 1. Saturday will be a long 6 hour drive back to Port Charlotte. Sunday I have planned a 120 mile boat trip along the Intercoastal Waterway. Monday will be a rest/recovery day at home and I think we'll need it.

Tuesday, when I take them back to the Tampa airport for their flight home to Phoenix, I will be headed for Boston and back to work. I will then have 2 really hard travel weeks, back to back, before taking Thanksgiving week to spend at home with my wife and two visiting daughters from Phoenix.

The weather here is supposed to gradually cool down all this week, from the high 80's to the lower 80's in the daytime.

After nearly 2 years, I'm at 22% capacity on my blog site. Eventually I can create some space by taking down my Superbowl pictures, which I'm sure are eating up a bit of space. I need to start printing these words so that they can definately outlive me.

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