Monday, February 22, 2010


Below is a photo essay of my Saturday in San Juan.


Walking up to the 500 year old El Morro Fortress

The flags of El Morro: United States, Puerto Rico, and The Cross of Burgundy, the Spanish military flag of the 16th Century.

These lookout points cover all vantage points at El Morro

The maritime course of the Spanish fleet. Red squares are major forts, black dots are smaller forts. Spain controlled the seas and thus controlled the world's riches

Cannons were used to fire upon enemy ships attempting to enter San Juan Harbor

A view of the Harbor. In the back ground, a smaller fort would fire on ships that tried to stay out of the range of El Morro. It was a 16th Century gauntlet.

I captured this image of a ship about a quarter mile off shore

Cannon balls

Artillery weapons of El Morro

View from the upper decks of El Morro

David, clowning around in the gift shop

This guard tower is featured on Puerto Rico's license plates

Firing positions atop the fort

Historic cannon

San Juan Harbor

Waves hit the rocks where 500 years ago, wounded enemy ships broke apart

View of the fort from the harbor

A historic Spanish mercado (marketplace)

The Bacardi Rum factory

Bacardi didn't authorize this Pitorro from the trunk of our car

Hey look, they serve free drinks anyway!

Bacardi's 1952 headquarters

Rum and cigars

Cigars and Rum

My colleagues and hosts, Jose and David, both Puerto Rican born

A coconut palm damaged by Hurricane Hugo still stands

Pirates fought for Rum....can you blame them?

Bacardi chose the bat for their it, it's a great story

Drink mixing lessons from the Bacardi staff

After the tour, I'm seeing more than double rums

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Anonymous said...

when looking at this report and the pictures it is easy to tranport myself to the Island and mentally Enjoy the beauty as if I was there.!