Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Hampton Inn, Key Largo, FL
55* at sundown

Last Sunday I had a unique day of fishing my saltwater canal.  Not only did my new "Badonk-a donk" fishing lure produce more hookups than I've ever had before, I landed a a nice large mouth Bass.  (photo above)  A freshwater fish in a salt water canal.  Clearly he must have fallen through some sort of upstream water release but I was pleasantly surprised.  So much so, I photographed the little fella and released him to fight another day.  If this bass wants to live in a backwards environment, far be it from me to deny him.  I also landed a small but strong ladyfish.  They are fun because when hooked they come flying out of the water and do flips and spins to try and get away.  My old snowbird friend from Buffalo, Pete, calls them a "poor mans Tarpon."

Two Saturdays ago, Kathy and I started the day at the St. Pete boat show and ended the day at the Punta Gorda Christmas Lighted Boat Parade.  I picked up the above photographed "Old Salt" jacket at the boat show and put it to good use in the 62* weather at the boat parade.

I returned from my Washington DC trip to find Kathy found a water leak inside the foundation of our home.  Not good.  We got some help troubleshooting the leak from our friend, Nolan, in Phoenix.  After pinpointing the location we called out a local plumber and determined the best course was to re-pipe the entire house.  OUCH!  Merry Christmas to us.

This week finds me working Homestead and lodging in Key Largo.  We've had a real cold snap throughout Florida but it's expected to pass after just a few days and we'll be back to highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s.  That's a normal winter in SW Florida.  Last winter we endured 100 year record lows for 10 days.  We don't need anymore backwards weather.  I have my son coming in January and my buddy and his wife coming in February.

No news to report on the boat.  It's running fine on the lift but I haven't launched it in a while.  I am marketing it online but no offers have come in.  I'm happy to continue enjoying it when time/gas money allow.  If I sell it, that'll be fine too.

Sunday we will attend the Charlotte Harbor Parrot Head Club Christmas party to benefit Toys for Tots.  We are officially card carrying members of the Jimmy Buffett fan club.  In 2011 we intend to attend our first Buffett concert.

I'm officially kicked off of Facebook mobile for Blackberry.  My company nixed us from using it so I will comply.  Maybe in January, if Verizon gets the iPhone like they are rumored to, and it's not too much money...perhaps I can go mobile again.  I really enjoyed posting my travels and pictures there.  In the meantime, blogger fans...I committ to more blog chapters for you!

Tonight I enjoyed a few golden beverages on the beach at my hotel, looking longingly at the lucky sailors anchored down in the bay, living the life at sea.  "If you're living to love by the ocean and loving to live by the sea.  If you're lucky enough to live on blue water, you're lucky enough by me."  (Scott Kirby:  Lucky Enough).

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