Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hampton Inn, Norfolk VA Airport
low of 32, high of 47

I had dinner tonight at a new restaurant for me.  One of my colleagues in Virginia Beach recommended I eat at Logan's Roadhouse.  I've seen their signs around but never stopped at one.  I must say it was terrific.  They have a really diverse menu with many steaks to chose from but also seafood, sandwiches, salads and even meatloaf made of a mix of beef and pork.  I have to try that next time.  Tonight I had grilled Talapia, topped with a roasted corn/blackbean/cilantro salsa.  Coupled with steamed broccoli and lead by a cesar was first rate.  They have locations in Virginia, Pennsylvania and Central Florida to name a few.

My day in VA Beach was chilly but uneventful.  I finished by 1PM and got to the next hotel by 2.  I then spent the next four hours booking travel for the rest of December and all of January.  Even though I will be in my home office for the 2 weeks of Christmas and New Years, and have a 4 day weekend planned in January for the visit of my 26 year old son, Ryan, I booked 8 flights and 23 hotel nights for work in Florida, Washington DC, Philly, Pittsburgh and Boston.

Our company just announced two more corporate acquisitions in Florida.  We just added about 1,400 new employees from the other companies.  The best new is that neither of them are in my area of South Florida.  The last four acquisitions were in my jurisdiction so I'm happy to share the responsibility with my fine colleague in Central/North Florida.

Tomorrow morning finds me flying home for the weekend, only to depart again Monday for our nation's capitol.  With my schedule through January completely booked and 1/3 of February planned for a well deserved vacation with my oldest childhood friend...I feel like I can already see Spring time.  Until I go outside to the frigid 32* morning temp on Chesapeake Bay.

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