Tuesday, July 5, 2011


On the road, Boynton Beach, FL
High of 91, partly cloudy

I've been quite busy with work lately, from Boston to Chicago to Detroit and finally home for the 4th.
I left at 4AM this morning and will be spending the week working on FL's Atlantic coast.
I, like most, was very disappointed to learn of the verdict in the Anthony trial.  I spent considerable time on my vacation watching the trial and feel like I had a good grasp on the facts.  Unbelievable turn of events.

I haven't been on boat for 2 weeks but plan on going out Saturday.  We have my wife's side of the family coming to visit and will have our grand-twins for 3 weeks.

Between all of that, I have a Sunday flight to Las Vegas for a work meeting.  The last two times we had meetings in Vegas, I'm happy to report I didn't spend a dime.  This time will be no different.

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