Sunday, August 14, 2011


Home in Port Charlotte
High of 93, daily heavy downpours

Last week I worked the Philly/Atlantic City area.  Nothing fun, just work and sleep.

My floating dock project is finally complete.  After cost overruns and a lot of sweat, it's floating and looks pretty good.  My thanks to neighbor Ronnie for the design and creative consulting and definitely thanks to my grandson Devin for his hard labor while he was here.  I will use this for maintenance on the boat, being able to access all four sides of the boat lift.  I will also use it for canal maintenance, being able to trim trees and remove debris.  Finally, it will make a pretty cool fishing platform from the center of the canal, instead of trying to cast from the dock, around the boat and around the trees.  Below are pictures of the finished product.  It measures 5'x12'.  The last picture is the stationary dock section that recently collapsed due to corroded screws/nails.  The floating dock will come in handy for repairing the stationary dock.

Tropical Update:
Since I last blogged, Tropical Storm Emily fizzled out without making a US landfall.  TS Franklin formed and faded out.  Now we have TS Gert spinning out in the Atlantic but again making no threat to the US.

We've had lots of daily rainfall here in SW Florida.  It has been great for our grass.

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