Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hampton Inn, Lorton, VA
Low of 73, high of 94

I am grateful that Hurricane Irene decided to spare the State of Florida from her 115 MPH winds and 10 foot storm surge.  Not that I planned it this way, but I depart home again on Monday afternoon and fly into Manchester, NH.  I will be working all next week in New England, from Boston to Foxboro and flying out next Friday from Providence, RI.  I can't get non-stop flights into/out of Boston Logan, so I chose this itinerary.

Irene is looking for a US landfall on Saturday afternoon in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  She'll likely re-emerge over the Chesapeake Bay and then strike NJ/NY on Sunday.  Monday...New England.

My territory includes, VA, MD, PA, NJ, NY & MA.  If our company is cleaning up after the biggest storm to hit the Eastern Seaboard in decades, I need to be there.
My plans were made a month ago and if my plane departs, the Safety Manager needs to be on the ground after a disaster hits.  Duty calls.  Below is the predicted path of Hurricane Irene over the next 4 days.
Click on photo for full screen.

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