Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Hampton Inn, Washington DC
High of 86, low of 63...nice morning

The lastest computer tracking forecast models show the State of Florida completely outside of the predicted path of Hurricane Irene.  While the sunshine state is in the clear, I experienced the 5.8 earthquake in our Nation's Capitol today.  I was riding in the front seat with a colleague driving and another co-worker in the backseat of my rental car.  We were stopped at a traffic light and I was looking down at my blackberry, answering an email.  I felt the car rocking left and right or surging forward and back.I thought the guy in the back was messing around and I asked him what the heck he was doing.  He answered that he wasn't doing anything and told me to look at the car in front of us.  When I did I saw the other car rocking as if someone was shaking it from the roof top.  Luckily there were no reports of injury or damage in our operations here.

Meanwhile, Irene could be making landfall somewhere on the US Eastern coast on Friday afternoon/evening.  Hopefully, there will be no flight delays across the grid but you never know.  I'm scheduled to depart from Reagan National at 6:45 PM, change planes in Atlanta at 8:15PM and then land in Ft. Myers at 11PM.

Here is the latest spaghetti models of the predicted storm track:

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