Monday, April 9, 2012


Home in Port Charlotte
High of 87

I arrived home around midnight, Friday night, after my week in Virginia.  I was up to see Kathy off to work on Saturday at 630AM and ready to continue working on the irrigation system installation.  At 8AM, much to my delighted surprise, Subaru Jim showed up ready to work as well.  By 9 we were joined by Jerry, our other fishing buddy.

In six hours we three amigos finished the mainline, installed 9 valves and completed about 30% more of the project in just that day alone.  As they tell the story, their wives read the blog and sent the guys to help get me back to fishing.  Believe me, it was so very much appreciated.

Sunday I was back in the yard, laying more pipe.  I get about 10% done per day alone.  As near as I can tell, the project is about 70% complete.  Three sides of the house need only have the electrical run from the valves to the clock and then have the actual sprinkler heads installed.  The remaining side still needs to be dug out by hand, as there are many underground obstacles.  A previous owner of Rolando's house, next door, installed one of their lines in my yard.  I have a water line going through there on its way down to the boat dock.  I have 110 volt electrical that powers the dock lighting.  All of this was hit by the power trencher I used two weeks ago, so I decided it would be better to use just a shovel to cut down on additional repairs.

The project is back on hold until next Saturday, as I have to work my real job during the week.  I'm in the office doing reports today; working locally in Fort Myers on Tuesday; flying from Tamp to Puerto Rico on Wednesday and returning home again on Friday night.

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