Monday, April 2, 2012


Newport News, VA
High of 60, low of 38

I can't believe it's been since March 11 that I posted a blog.  In that time I have been to Boston, Philly, NJ, NY, AZ, CA, back to AZ and back to FL.  And none of that time has been spent fishing.

Work has consumed my weeks, home projects my weekends.

I'm presently writing this from the Applebees Restaurant in Newport News, VA.  I will work Williamsburg on Tuesday, Fredericksburg on Wednesday, Chantilly on Thursday and Friday, with a late night Friday flight home from Baltimore.

At home I've been installing a lawn irrigation system and it's slow going, working alone.  My brother helped me draft a diagram plan for the 8 zones and the labor has been up to me.  I'm about 30% done, having trenched out as much as I could with a rented trencher.  However, that machine only digs down to 12" and the areas within 9' of my street have to be 18" deep   That means a lot of hand digging.  Then we had some rainfall, which eroded some my trenches and I had to dig them out again.  Mental note:  Do not chose "ditch digger" as occupation in the next life.

I tore up our phone/internet lines in the front yard, despite calling blue stake and having the utilities marked.  I could have never imagined the cable company installing their lines just 3" below the surface.  They came out today and did the repairs for free.

In the back yard I broke then found my next door neighbor's irrigation line, which was surprisingly installed on my property.  I also tore up my high voltage line that provided power to my dock.  Luckily, a neighbor named Steve is an electrician and he did the repairs (3 spots) for free.  After all of that damage, I returned the trencher to Home Depot and left about 20% of the yard to dig by hand.

If all of that damage sounds excessive, it's really not.  When you do a major installation at an existing homesite, you're gonna hit stuff.

Much to my dismay, I was invited to go fishing with Jim and Jerry on Al's boat yesterday but I declined.
I have to get this project done before the real heat/humidity return to SWFL.

I will continue working this project for as many weekends as it takes until it is done.  Meanwhile, the boat sits in the driveway.  It's been 23 days since my last fishing trip.  Where DOES the time go?

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