Friday, June 8, 2012


Home in Port Charlotte
79 degree, 84% humidity, passing showers

My bride and I are presently sitting outside in the lanai in the above weather.  It's not bad, really.  When the showers pass through, dare I say, it's a little chilly for us.  We're playing a Gordon Lightfoot CD and each have our laptop as we play Words With Friends (scrabble) against each other.  We have some real battles between us.  It keeps us connected while I'm on the road, as well.

My travels this past week took me to Philadelphia and New Jersey.  It was a long week but not a bad one.
I spent today doing my work reports and then mowed the grass for us and my neighbors.

Kathy has to work all weekend but today we were together and made the most of it.  We had a Sears repair man over to fix the clothes washer and dishwasher.  We got away fairly cheap.  We had dinner tonight at Whiskey Creek, a spot we've wanted to try for years.  My steak was just okay but Kathy's bacon wrapped barbeque shrimp skewers were really good.

I will likely spend Saturday pruning palm trees until the dump closes at noon.  I also have some minor repairs to do on the boat; bait well motors are frozen, need to service batteries and check for loose wires on the GPS.  There's a nighttime fishing tournament but without a partner, I don't feel like being out all night alone.  I may go over to the local bait shop on Sunday morning to see the winning catches.  There's prize money for the biggest shark, stingray and catfish.

I haven't been out for a couple of weekends but I've got too much to do around here on weekends lately.
I also want to continue my canal bank renovation project.

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