Monday, August 27, 2012


Hilton Garden Inn
Calabasas, CA

Not long after I finished installing the hurricane shutters, the 11 AM update showed tropical storm Isaac on a direct path from Key West to New Orleans. While I was certainly relieved to get that news I wondered if I had wasted my time putting the boards up on the windows.  But when I stopped to remember that the post hurricane threat includes the possibility of tornadoes I realized I had made the right call.

On Sunday afternoon into Sunday evening we received light rains and increasing winds but nothing that I would describe as remotely dangerous.  One interesting side note was that the afternoon Low tide on my canal was extremely low.  It looked more like a January winter tide than an August summer tide.  A few hours earlier I had placed two anchors on my floating dock in order to secure it from the rising tide but when I went out to look later the floating dock was high and dry on the floor of the canal.  No harm, no foul it would be just fine when the water returns.

Sunday night we slept very well knowing that we were secure.  Another named storm had come and gone from Southwest Florida.

On Monday I awoke at 4 AM and prepared for my business trip in California. I drove to the Tampa airport at 6 AM and there was very little traffic and very light rain on interstate 75.  The Tampa airport was like a ghost town. The TSA agents outnumbered the passengers.  My first flight, from Tampa to Denver was half empty. I got the entire front row to myself and enjoyed the space.

My Denver to Los Angeles flight was very crowded.  I will be here in Southern California for three days.  Thursday morning I fly back home.  I'm hoping to get some fishing done this Saturday.

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