Sunday, May 17, 2009

7 DAYS, 1500 MILES

Kimber and Jason at the Islamorada Fish Co.
This picture of Kimber really resembles one I took of Stephanie, in this same spot.

Kathy, Kimber and Jason relax bayside

Jason and Kimber on Hemingway's boat, inside Worldwide Sportsman

Hampton Inn, Chantilly, VA
It's been a busy seven days since I blogged. Last Monday I reset the trip odometer on my truck as I headed to Tampa to pick up my daughter, Kimber, and her friend, Jason. After getting them aboard we headed back to my house for a quick dinner, prepared by my wife, Kathy. The four of us then got back in the truck and drove 4 hours to Islamorada and Upper Matecumbe Key, arriving just after midnight.

At 4:30 AM my wake up call summoned me to work for the day in and around Homestead. It was a long, but not necessarily bad, day. After work we all dined at Snooks Bayside in Key Largo. We were treated to a nice sunset over the Gulf before heading back to the hotel for the night.

Wednesday and Thursday were more routine workdays for me, in Homestead, Miami, and even venturing way north into Broward County. Kimber and Jason went snorkeling on the Pennekamp reefs and had a great time. They disembarked their boat talking about how they could move down to the Keys and make a living. I'm quite sure that scene is repeated on a regular basis down there. Kathy spent much of her week lounging seaside in a hammock.

Wednesday night's dinner was at the Islamorada Fish Company, after window shopping at the Worldwide Sportsman (original Bass Pro Shop). Thursday morning the gang asked me to wake them up for the sunrise over the Atlantic and Big Red didn't disappoint, managing to peak his way through some horizon cloud cover. Thursday night we headed back home but not before stopping for dinner at Rib Daddys in Key Largo.

I took the kids to the airport on Friday morning and returned home for a day in the office. Saturday was spent working in the yard. I mowed our yard, Rolando and Kathy's yard and Bob/Elenor's yard. I really love that John Deere tractor! I trimmed some sabel palm trees, bougainvilleas, my sago palm, my robellini palms and pulled some weeds. I fertilized the turf grasses with one fert, the citrus trees with another and the ornamental shrubs with a third. Then I prayed for rain. Fort Myers received three inches in two hours but we just got sprinkled for a couple of hours. It's so amazing to watch the local radar on our computers and see how many small but powerful storm systems move through here or just linger off shore in the Gulf. I had to water in the nitrogen I put on the turf so I was up till after 10PM moving water around.

On the way to Tampa International today my trip odometer hit 1,500 miles in the last 7 days. That doesn't count the 900 mile flight up to Dulles. It's no wonder I feel so tired today. Kathy says today we got tons of rain, so that will really kick start the nitrogen in the grass. Pretty soon I'll be mowing twice weekly. There's a ridge of low pressure over south Cuba right now and it's possible that it could develop into a tropical storm. What's the date today? The Atlantic Hurricane season isn't scheduled to start until June 1. What's exhibition storm? They are forecasting 5-7 inches of rain for Florida between Monday and Tuesday of the coming week. Speaking of the hurricane season, the first named storm will be Ana. The second will be Bill. No, I'm not kidding.

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