Tuesday, May 26, 2009


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View of the front lawn, looking toward Bob & Eleanor's house

Side yard between ours and Bob's. See Kathy's Canna Lillys?

Back yard, tilled to sand and re-seeded two months ago.
There's still a few bare spots yet to fill in.

Backyard looking toward the canal. Click on this pic to blow it up and you'll see our boat sitting atop the lift on the water out back, between those palm trees. Notice Kathy's new hanging floral pots?

Home in PC
High of 89
Humid...no measurable rain since Friday

Right before I left for DC, about 10 days ago, I applied a fertilizer application of 39-0-0 and prayed for rain. I had to water it in that night in order to keep the lawn from burning but the next day I left town and it rained everyday for a week. Now with 4 consecutive days of sunshine and humid air the turf grass has kicked into high gear. I mowed Saturday and I just had to mow again today. Even though it has only been 72 hours since I last cut it, I still had to rake up some excess clippings in a few areas. Wooohooooooo! Grow, baby, grow! I do love that John Deere tractor. I'm sure people who walk their dogs on my block, who remember months of me having bare sand for a yard are wondering, "What do you feed that thing?" The answer is ...water and nitrogen. My brother the landscaper calls Florida and California "just add water States."

In case you're wondering, I have the tractor blade deck set for a 3" cutting height.

Yesterday was spent trimming palm trees at my neighbor Mary's house. I have 17 to do and I finished all but about 4 of them yesterday. I will get out there in the late afternoons this week and finish up after work. This will give me some gas money to take my boy Billy out fishing when he gets here in June.

After the holiday weekend I spent about 10 hours today writing reports in my home office.
For the next couple of days I will be teaching CPR refresher classes on the Gulf coast and sleeping in my own bed. I'm hoping to get out and go fishing this weekend with one of my colleagues who has gas money but no boat. I'm kind of the polar opposite.

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