Saturday, May 30, 2009


Home in Port Charlotte
High of 88

Saturday morning I ran 3.4 miles for the second time in two days and followed each run with a 10 minute swim in the neighbor's pool. Today I mowed three lawns, including ours, and I trimmed some hedges around our property. It was a warm, humid, day but not miserable. In the afternoon I drove an hour to Cape Coral and bought Kathy's next art project. I don't want to spoil the surprise so I will wait until they're done and ready to be published.

One other project she finished was a long time coming. Ever since we bought this home we have referred to the rear yard deck landing as "Mimi's Landing." The dock and boatlift are known as "Pappy's port." Mimi and Pappy is how we have always been known to our grandboys. We have talked for years about making signs for these special spots and now the signs are done. Pictures are posted above.

In case you were wondering, my Saturday fishing trip was cancelled by my friend. I'm sure he will reschedule.

Monday, my namesake and youngest son, Billy (13), arrives for an 18 day visit. We are very excited to have him with us. He and I will definately get out on the boat for some fishing.

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