Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Hampton Inn, Chantilly, VA
Lows upper 60's, highs mid 80's...nice

Before leaving home I applied the final coat of paint on the outdrive so the boat project should be completed this next weekend. I still have to remove all of the masking paper and tape, change the drive oil, change two zinc anodes, grease and re-attach the propellers and apply the replacement Volvo decals. I have everything I need to do that this Saturday. I want to get back on the water soon.

It's Tuesday and I'm finishing the second day of my DC trip but it feels like I've been here a week already. Nothing has gone bad, I'm just loosing track of the days. I haven't been home on a Tue/Wed/Thur in the past 3 weeks. Thank God for weekends and an understanding wife.

Yesterday at the National Harbor I went for a walk after dinner, down to the marina. It's a beautiful development there with dining, shopping, retail office and lots of jewelry/curio shops. There's a bandstand that hosted some fairly decent 90's bands over the summer. My favorite sight is this art sculpture of Triton or some other mythical sea god. It is placed in a huge area of sand, with only a few body parts emerging to give it the illusion that he's completely buried in the sand. The head, face up, right arm/hand, left hand, right foot and left leg/knee are all that you see. The body parts are extremely large so it looks like a giant has washed ashore. I wish I'd had my camera but trust me...it was a cool piece.

I ran every one of the past four days, in a row, so I am resting/recovering tonight. It feels good to be back running again. I was on treadmills on Sunday and Monday but there's a great street course I run around this Hampton, which I will tackle tomorrow after work.

Another system has emerged in the Atlantic and from what I have read, I'm pretty sure this will become our next named storm, Danny. I reported on this last Saturday; it's the same system. Hurricane hunters examined it today and failed to find an organized center of low pressure circulation; however all of the factors are right for this system of widespread showers to become a tropical depression in the next 48 hours. The good news is that the same steering winds that kept Bill away from Florida are still in place to send this system north, as well. It is currently northeast of Puerto Rico and I will keep reporting on it until it developes or dissipates.

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