Friday, August 7, 2009


Crossing from east to west coasts required going through this monster storm
Home in Port Charlotte
High of 90, late day rain
Last weekend was a busy one at home, pruning the Sable Palm trees on our lot. There are 27 of them and it is quite an ordeal to trim them up. This summer I had two capable helpers in the form of our grandsons Dylan and Devin. They boys were rewarded for their hardwork with dinner and a movie.
I spent the past week travelling the Atlantic coast, throughout Palm Beach County, working. It was a tough week with lots of problems discovered at my branches. I had to write some hard line reports but that's my job.
I ran on Monday night but that was it. The weather is getting uncomfortable and running in it is not appealing. I will try to continue to use the treadmills at the hotels and maintain my physical training program until the weather breaks in September.
This has been a strange summer for weather in the tropics. Last year I was busy tracking tropical storms and reporting on hurricanes but this season we haven't had so much as a tropical wave since May 30. I'm not wishing for bad weather, I just find it interesting that it's been so quiet.
Coming back from Palm Beach, yesterday, I encountered a monsterous thunderstorm and shot the above pictures. The rain was so thick I had to drive 40 in a 65. The temperature dropped from 92 to 75. That's the summer pattern I came to enjoy last year.
The title photo on my blog, of Dylan and Devin piloting the boat, was published yesterday in the Waterline magazine. It's a weekly boating and fishing publication in Southwest Florida. The boys, their mom and Mimi (Kathy) were all very excited. I thought it was pretty cool myself. Ten or twenty years from now it will be a great memory for them.
I get this weekend at home and depart Monday afternoon for more fun on the other coast.

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