Saturday, August 15, 2009


Home in Port Charlotte
75 at wake up, high of 87
The 2009 Atlantic hurricane season got it's first action overnight when tropical depression #2 re-organized and was re-born as Tropical Storm Ana. As of 7:30AM eastern time, Ana is still 2,400 miles away from Southwest Florida and moving at only 16MPH. Her maximum winds now are just 40MPH. The current projected path shows Ana not coming near Florida until next weekend, if at all. There's always the chance she breaks up before making landfall. The photograph above shows not just Ana but two other significant systems.
The area in yellow is a tropical wave of low pressure that will bring some good rain to us today. The area in red is huge tropical wave behind Ana that, if it organizes, will be a much larger storm to be named Bill. (don't look at me, I had nothing to do with it)
For this season we bought some new materials that will make it easier for me to board up our windows. Last year I had to use concrete screws to secure the boards into the window frames. This year we bought something called Plylox clips that use tension to lock the plywood into the window frame. It should make the task easier, faster and in the unlikely event Kathy has to put them up without me, she will be able to do this herself. When we have to put them up I will post pictures or video to share.
The additional materials I ordered to finish the outdrive project won't arrive until next Thursday so I can't complete the boat project just yet.
The twins arrived safely back home in Phoenix yesterday. I spent last week in Palm Beach County again. The coming week will bring me to the Miami/Homestead area.

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