Thursday, August 27, 2009


On the road in Chantilly, VA
70* at wakeup

Danny has come to life in the Atlantic. With winds this morning at 60 MPH, it is expected to track Northwest over the next few days. If it contacts the US mainland, it is only expected to skirt the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
I ran 3.5 miles on the street yesterday after work. I feel like I'm back in the groove again, being prepared to run 3-4 days weekly. It will take some time before building my distance back up to the 7-10 mile at a time range. By the time the weather breaks in October I should be able to set a new personal best. The Miami Marathon is still a possibility in February, right before the Superbowl (also in Miami).

Today I work Chantilly. Tonight I drive to Germantown, Maryland for my final night here. Work tomorrow is at Clarksburg, MD and fly home out of Baltimore late Friday night.

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